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Linux Installation, Step by Step

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Linux Installation, Step by Step

If you have come directly to this page hoping to install Linux without doing any more reading, I suggest that you reconsider. Without the proper knowledge and preparation, attempting to install any operating system (whether Linux or any other) can be a disaster. So before I launch into the resources for your step by step Linux installation, here are some things you should already have read:

Each Linux installation has its own setup utility, every one vastly different from all the others. This makes it very difficult if not impossible to write a step by step Linux installation manual. The closest thing in existence is the Linux Installation and Getting Started Guide, which should be included in HTML format with every Linux distribution, and is available online thanks to the Linux Documentation Project. This book contains a fairly good comparison of the major distributions and an outline of the installation process for each one. It also covers the basic technical concepts you need to understand during installation, and covers some issues of usability following your install. I highly recommend that new users at least skim through this book, and preferably absorb every word.

Also well worth the time it takes to read it is the Linux Installation HOW-TO. This document will give you some invaluable background knowledge about what is involved in the installation process.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge you need, it is time to present you with your map to Linux. Below are links to the official installation documentation for the various Linux distributions. I had originally intended to add my own reviews, comments and tips to this documentation, but with each vendor releasing two new versions every year, I just can’t keep up.

Debian GNU/Linux

Installation Manual - Also the Online Support Page lists mailing lists and chat channels.

Mandriva Linux

Mandriva Documentation Page gives access to install guides for all recent versions of Mandriva in multiple languages. Wow!

Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux Manuals Page includes install guides for all recent versions of Red Hat Linux.

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